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Type: object


A translation of a piece of data in a language, optionally in multiple languages. For example, a translation might be written in both Spanish and English. Each key must be the abbreviation for an orthography (see the Abbreviation schema), and the value for that key is the translation of the data in that particular language and orthography. Note: The Translation does not have a type property (though it does have a translationType property).

Regular Expression Properties

Property names which match one of the following regular expressions must validate against the associated schema.

  • Text: ^[(a-z)|(A-Z)|(0-9)]+$

    Type: string


    The translation in the specified language


The following properties are defined for this object:

  • Translation Type: translationType

    Type: string


    The type of translation. Must be set to either free or literal.

    Allowed Values

    • "free"
    • "literal"

    Default Value

    The default value for this item is:


Additional Properties

Any additional properties must adhere to the following schema:

No values are valid for this schema.


The following are example values for this schema:

  • {
      "eng": "man",
      "fra": "homme",
      "translationType": "free"